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Vga to HDMI adapter price in Nairobi Kenya

Vga to HDMI adapter price range from 1500 to 2500 Ksh In Nairobi Kenya

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  • HD performance: Imported super quality adapting chipset, converting and outputting VGA signal to HDMI display devices. This converter is NOT bi-directional, it is vga to hdmi adapter, ONLY convert VGA signal into HDMI signal, and USB power supply is necessary.
  • Incredible performance: The VGA male to HDMI female converter support VGA input resolution from 800*600 to 1920*1080 for PC. Support HDMI Output resolution up 720P/1080i/1080P for HDTV/Projector/Monitor.
  • Plug and play: No driver needed, easy to use, fast, convenient and compact. Gold-plated HDMI interface, high wear & corrosion resistance, stable and durable for HD data transmission.
  • Wide compabitity – The VGA-HDMI adapter is compatible with old-styled notebooks, desktops, laptops which only has VGA ports to any HDMI-equiped devices

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