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Whether or not you are gadget freak, electronics items are a part of everyone’s daily routine. Thanks to the fast-paced technological advancement, today there is a gadget for every digital need and budget. If you are looking to shop for electronics products online in Nairobi Kenya, Amtel Online Merchants is your ultimate destination. We present you a massive assortment of electronics products online to cater to your various requirements. Browse through our widest selection of electronics products online at Amtel Online Merchants and find the latest technology laptops & computers, camera & accessories, home appliances, storage devices, gaming, phone accessories, computer accessories & peripherals and so on from the popular brands at affordable prices.

With the help of our IT & Electronics accessories, you and your work will become more productive.

Here, you can shop from the leading brands in the electronics world such as Samsung, Sony, Ampex, D Link, Dell, Hp, Huawei, Infinix, Itel, Lg, Mitrotik, Nokia, Oppo, Polysonic, Royal Sound, Samsung, Sayona, Sony Digital, Syinix, Tagwood, Tcl, Tecno, Tp Link, Vitron, Wiko, Xiaomi and the options are many.


Point of Sale Software in Nairobi Kenya

Always Feel free to reach us for ICT solutions Such as Point of sale Software and Hardware. We offer the best stock management solution at a very friendly price. Our POS is the best in market and user-friendly and does not require a lot of computer resources. A full package will cost you Ksh 39,700/=. This include: POS software@15000, a core i3 4gb Ram 500HDD 17″ @11,000, Thermal printer @7500 and a cash drawer@6000. Find the package. 

Frequently Asked Questions about POS in Kenya

What is the cost of the POS software in Kenya?

We offer a one off cost of Ksh 15,000/+ per computer plus free installation and training.

Is the POS Online or Offline?

We have both the online version and offline version. The online version will cost an extra 5k per year for hosting the services.

Does the POS system Support KRA e-TIMS Integration?

Yes, we have partnered with KRA to enable vendors to generate fiscal receipts with necessary taxes automatically when an invoice is raised.

What is the best POS system for small business in Kenya?

Our POS System is the best in Kenya as it’s user-friendly and portable. It can work with Windows, Android, Linux etc. as its web based.

What is the minimum amount to start POS?

With minimum of 26,000, you can have both the POS system @15,000 and a core i3 4GB 500GB HDD @11000. An extra Thermal Printer will cost you 7,500 make the package@33500. We also have cash drawer@6,000 and Barcode Scanners @3,500


CCTV  Camera Sale and Installation in Nairobi Kenya. Secure your Home/Business

We offer CCTV sales and installation at unbeatable prices. 4 camera full kit @Ksh 20,000/=8 camera full kit @Ksh 35,000/=. Installation availabale@1k per camera.

Frequently Asked Questions about CCTV Cameras In Kenya.

How much does it cost to install CCTV cameras in Kenya?

The cost of installing CCTV cameras in Kenya can vary widely depending on several factors. These factors include the number of cameras, the type of cameras, the quality of the equipment, the installation complexity, and whether additional features like remote monitoring or motion detection are included. Our Package starts from Ksh20,000 for a 4 cameras full Kit and Ksh35,000 for 8 camera full Kit

How much is labor for installing CCTV cameras in Nairobi Kenya?

We charge an average of Ksh1,000 labour cost per security camera installation depending on if the camera is wired or wireless and whether it’s a CCTV or IP unit. But the charge can go up depending on the complexity of the site.

What is the cost of 4 channel CCTV camera setup?

4 Channel full Kit will cost you Ksh 20,000 plus 4,000 installation cost amounting to Ksh 24,000

What is the cost of 8 channel CCTV camera setup?

8 Channel full Kit will cost you Ksh 35,000 plus 8,000 installation cost amounting to Ksh 43,000

How much electricity does a 4 camera CCTV system use?

On average, a single CCTV camera typically consumes around 5 to 20 watts per hour. If we assume an average consumption of 10 watts per camera, a 4-camera system would consume approximately 40 watts per hour.

CCTV Camera installation companies in Kenya?

Amtel Technologies Is one of reputable company for CCTV installation in Kenya at unbeatable Prices. Click here to check some of our sample works around the country.