Point of Sale & Stock Management Software in Nairobi Kenya

Point of Sale Software @15000
Complete Desktop Computer @11000
Therma Receipt Printer@7500

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Point Sale, Complete Desktop Computer, Receipt Thermal Printer

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Business/Shops: 
    • Set up multiple businesses in the application.
    • No restriction on numbers of businesses.
    • Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business.
  2. Add Location / Storefronts  / Ware House: 
    • Create multiple locations for your business/shop
    • Manage all of them at the same time.
    • Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations.
    • Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location
  3. User & Role Management: 
    • Powerful user and role management system
    • Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier
    • Create different Roles with permission as per your need.
    • Create unlimited users with different roles.
  4. Contacts (Customer & Suppliers):
    • Mark contact as customer or supplier or both(customer & Supplier)
    • View details of transactions with a contact.
    • View total of Credit/Debit balance amount
    • Define pay term and get payment alerts week before the due date.
  5. Products: 
    • Manage Single & Variable products.
    • Classify products according to Brands, Category, Sub-Category.
    • Add products having different units
    • Add SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with prefixes.
    • Get stock alerts on low stock.
    • Save time by auto calculating selling price, the system is smart to auto calculate selling price based on purchase price and profit margin.
    • No need to type variations every time, create variation template and use it everytime you need to create variable products.
  6. Purchases:
    • Easily add purchases.
    • Add purchase for different locations.
    • Manage Paid/Due purchases.
    • Get Notified of Due purchases week before the pay date.
    • Add discounts & Taxes
  7. Sell:
    • Simplified interface for selling products
    • Default Walk-In-Customer automatically added to a business
    • Add new customer from POS screen.
    • Ajax based selling screen – save reloading time
    • Mark an invoice for draft or final
    • Different options for payments
    • Customize invoice layout and invoice scheme.
  8. Manage Expenses:
    • Easily add business expenses
    • Categorise expenses
    • Analyse expenses based on category and business locations with expenses report.
  9. Reports: 
    • Purchase & Sale report
    • Tax Report
    • Contact Reports
    • Stock Reports
    • Expense Report
    • View Trending Products, drill down by Brands, Category, Sub-category, Units and date ranges
    • Expense Reports
    • Cash Register Report
    • Sales Representative report
  10. Other useful feature:
    • Set currency, timezone, financial year, the profit margin for a business.
    • Translation ready.
    • Predefined barcode sticker settings.
    • Create your barcode sticker setting
    • Manage Brands, Tax Rate & Tax groups, Units, Category & Sub-Category
    • Easy 3 steps installation.
    • Detailed documentation
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Express Checkout
    • Works Offline

Point of Sale Software in Nairobi Kenya

Always Feel free to reach us for ICT solutions Such as Point of sale Software and Hardware. We offer the best stock management solution at a very friendly price. Our POS is the best in market and user-friendly and does not require a lot of computer resources. A full package will cost you Ksh 39,700/=. This include: POS software@15000, a core i3 4gb Ram 500HDD 17″ @11,000, Thermal printer @7500 and a cash drawer@6000. Find the package. 

Frequently Asked Questions about POS in Kenya

What is the cost of the POS software in Kenya?

We offer a one off cost of Ksh 15,000/+ per computer plus free installation and training.

Is the POS Online or Offline?

We have both the online version and offline version. The online version will cost an extra 5k per year for hosting the services.

Does the POS system Support KRA e-TIMS Integration?

Yes, we have partnered with KRA to enable vendors to generate fiscal receipts with necessary taxes automatically when an invoice is raised.

What is the best POS system for small business in Kenya?

Our POS System is the best in Kenya as it’s user-friendly and portable. It can work with WindowsAndroidLinux etc. as its web based.

What is the minimum amount to start POS?

With minimum of 26,000, you can have both the POS system @15,000 and a core i3 4GB 500GB HDD @11000. An extra Thermal Printer will cost you 7,500 make the package@33500. We also have cash drawer@6,000 and Barcode Scanners @3,500